About Us

Navarrete Bilingual School (NBS), established in 1959 on a sprawling 4.5-hectare campus, is a community committed to providing a rigorous academic curriculum. At the history of NBS exist a  legacy of academic excellence and tradition. We are dedicated to develop each student’s potential, guiding them towards achieving their personal aspirations.

As a co-educational, private bilingual institution, NBS caters to a diverse student body, offering comprehensive educational programs from kindergarten to 12th grade. Our mission is to serve both national and international families, fostering a global perspective within our student community.

At NBS, we ensure that our students receive a well-rounded, inclusive education through a comprehensive English immersion curriculum.

Our community, comprised of students, families, and staff, works collaboratively to foster an inspiring learning environment. This atmosphere is designed to prepare our students not only to become future leaders but also to embrace their roles as global citizens.

Message from our Principal

Dear Parents:

“Welcome to Navarrete Bilingual School, where our comprehensive educational philosophy is dedicated to equipping our students with the essential tools for bilingual fluency. This proficiency not only enhances their communication skills but also deepens their understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives.

Achieving bilingualism primes our students for active and effective participation in our increasingly globalized world. Recognizing the critical role of English mastery, we offer an immersive program from preschool through high school, led by native international educators.

Our aim is to nurture a wide range of skills in our students, laying a robust foundation of knowledge and adaptable skills to navigate current and future challenges successfully.

At NBS, we emphasize the importance of cultivating responsible citizens who are environmentally conscious and can collaborate effectively to tackle global challenges with ethical and sustainable solutions.

We are dedicated to instilling a lifelong learning mindset, inspiring our students to persistently seek and absorb knowledge beyond traditional academic boundaries.

Thank you for considering Navarrete Bilingual School for your child’s educational journey. We are thrilled to support them in unlocking their fullest potential.

Warm regards.”

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