The educational journey begins in Preschool. At Navarrete Bilingual School, we commit ourselves to fostering the essential social skills development. Acknowledging the broad range of development during the preschool years, our aim is to address the unique academic, social, and emotional needs of every child in our program.

Our curriculum seamlessly blends social skills instruction with play-based activities and continuous assessment, empowering students to make informed choices and actively participate in their learning journey.

Navarrete Bilingual School provides an English-immersion learning experience, led by native English-speaking teachers. Our educational philosophy emphasizes meaningful, cohesive lessons in math and literacy, laying a robust foundation for future learning endeavors.

Learning at our school transcends traditional classroom boundaries, incorporating a variety of activities. Our students are continually engaged in dynamic learning about the world around them, navigating their emotions, understanding family relationships, and exploring life’s essentials.

Our learning spaces are designed to offer your little ones enriching educational experiences that support their critical cognitive processes. Preschoolers are continuously engaged in active learning, exploring the world around them, understanding emotions, family dynamics, and the essence of life.

At NBS, children acquire the English language through a method of linguistic immersion, mirroring the natural process of mother tongue acquisition. Young children’s brains are primed to absorb and retain new languages. During English-focused sessions, children are enveloped in an environment that closely resembles the way they learn their native language: both within and beyond the classroom, teachers exclusively communicate in English.

From the preschool stage, it is crucial for children to develop their emotional intelligence, as it significantly influences their interactions with others and their ability to manage emotions across different scenarios, particularly in resolving conflicts. Cultivating emotional intelligence from an early age enables us to positively influence children’s behavioral development.

Our literacy development program is centered around the child, honoring their age and individual learning pace. Reading serves as the ideal pathway to attain accomplishments, foster personal development, grant access to the vast world of knowledge, unleash the imagination, and establish a strong foundation for proficient reading and writing skills.

Through engaging in physical and neuromotor exercises, children enhance their abilities to control their movements and emotional impulses more effectively, leading to improved adaptation to social, familial, and school environments. By incorporating fun activities, we stimulate various brain areas, enabling children to learn through play while simultaneously strengthening their internal processes.

Art serves as a language that enhances children’s expressive capabilities through various elements. By doing so, it significantly strengthens creativity and imagination, which play a crucial role in the learning process. These elements are beneficial to the overall development of children. We incorporate art across all activities, ensuring a holistic integration into the learning experience.

Native English Teachers

The Preschool Program at Navarrete Bilingual School is designed for children aged 3 to 5 years old. It offers a developmentally appropriate environment that integrates physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive development.
Most of our team is composed of educators from Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Their commitment and expertise are a daily homage to the teaching profession and to their students. We are immensely proud to belong to an institution where teaching and learning are central to all decision-making processes.
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