Native English Teachers

The Preschool Program at Navarrete Bilingual School is designed for children aged 3 to 5 years old. It offers a developmentally appropriate environment that integrates physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive development.
Most of our team is composed of educators from Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Their commitment and expertise are a daily homage to the teaching profession and to their students. We are immensely proud to belong to an institution where teaching and learning are central to all decision-making processes.

Experience the thrill of learning this summer! Immerse yourself in a unique journey where English learning becomes an adventure, all amidst a natural and enjoyable setting.

We guarantee that your children will have an unforgettable summer experience at Navarrete Bilingual School. Our program is meticulously designed not only for enjoyment but also to foster a healthy environment with a wide array of engaging activities.

At our Summer Camp, students have the opportunity to participate in sports and activities aimed at enhancing their social skills while advancing their English proficiency. We promote collaborative learning, empowering students to develop their communication, self-management, and everyday life skills.

With a diverse range of activities tailored to accommodate the needs and abilities of all our students, there’s something for everyone at our Summer Camp.

Sessions are conducted in both English and Spanish to provide a dynamic language-learning environment that transcends the traditional classroom setting.

Dive into the adventure of learning this summer! Join us in a unique experience where learning English becomes an exciting journey, all within a natural and fun environment. Our program offers a wide variety of exciting activities for students of all ages. 

Join us at NBS Summer Camp and discover the exciting world of English learning in a natural and fun-filled environment!

To enroll your children in one of our Summer Camps, please contact us. We eagerly anticipate welcoming your children this summer!

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