Proud History of Navarrete Bilingual School

In July 1959, a group of families in the Port of Guaymas gathered, motivated by the interest in establishing a private school for children. The original proposal came from German Uribe Fourcade and Benjamin de la Torre. The residence of Mrs. Matilde Zaragoza and Mr. Gaspar Zaragoza was offered as a temporary headquarters for the start of operations of the Navarrete School while a definitive building was being constructed. Today, this house serves as the headquarters of the Casa de la Cultura de Guaymas.

On November 5, 1959, distinguished local businessmen, including Engineer Manuel Cruz, Ernesto de Cima, Alejandro Iberri, Julio Lubbert, Benjamin de la Torre, and German Uribe Fourcade, met at the Centro Guaymense. The purpose of this meeting was to establish the Cultural Association of Guaymas AC and define its work objectives.

On December 23, 1959, the first Constitutive Act of the Navarrete School was formalized. The founding partners included Engineer Manuel Cruz, Ernesto de Cima, Benjamin de la Torre, Alejandro C. Iberri, Francisco L. Llano, Julio Ramon Lubbert, Oscar Remlin, German Uribe Fourcade, Victor Vielledent, Lorenzo Zaragoza Maytorena, Gaspar Zaragoza Iberri, and Gaspar Zaragoza Maytorena.

On July 23, 1960, Salvador Heredia, following the instructions of Father Javier de León, sent a request to the Marist Fathers for the creation of a private school for children.

By 1963, the Patronato Pro Construcción Colegio Navarrete began working on the development of the new campus, on land donated by Mr. Francisco Llano.

On October 14, 1959, the foundation stone of the Official Campus of the Navarrete School was laid.

From 1965 to the late 1980s, the school implemented the Marist educational model promoted by Father Javier de León under the tutelage of Father Francisco Navarrete, becoming a benchmark in the formation of human and Christian values for the community of the Port of Guaymas. This model promoted the integral development of children and young men in a community setting, helping them discover their capabilities to achieve personal balance and a life vocation.

In 1997, the school came under the administration of the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, marking another milestone in its history.

Today, the Navarrete Bilingual School is directed by the Llano Family, who bring more than 30 years of experience in private education in the community and are pioneers in bilingual education in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico, thus continuing the legacy of educational excellence.

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